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Men’s Haircut — Scissor Over Comb

We need 45 minutes of your time for it!

Every haircut begins with a thorough consultation followed by a neck and shoulder massage, next you will be shampooed. While the conditioner is on you will receive a hot towel and a scalp massage. You’ll then get a curated dry haircut. Once the cut is complete, you’ll be rinsed again with conditioner to ensure no loose hair. Your cut will be complete with a blow-dry style. You will leave with all of the necessary education to maintain your look at home. Now whenever you feel to have cool haircuts for men in Newyork/NYC. Don’t forget the name of Groom House.

Natasha – $85

Roanni – $95

Jenessa – $150

Transformation Haircut

We need 1 hour and 15 minutes of your time for it!

Are you looking for new haircut for men in New York (NYC)? If so, this is the right service for you. Everything from a men’s haircut is included, we just add on extra time because serious change demands more time. This allows us to go a bit deeper with the consultation to discuss grooming habits and lifestyle. This cut will be new and different and so we want to make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way! Along with the necessary education to maintain your new look, you’ll also receive a complimentary product!

Natasha – $130

Roanni – $145

Jenessa – $225

Clean Up

We need 30 minutes of your time for it!

This is a service we offer for current clients only!

With this service we will focus on your back and sides to help extend your current haircut. It is meant to be done within three to four weeks of your cut. Any length of time past that will most likely result in a haircut — at your stylist’s discretion.

Please contact the salon to book a clean up!

Natasha – $40

Roanni – $45

Jenessa – $70

Clipper Haircut

We need 30 minutes of your time for it!

This haircut will be done with clippers (buzzers) for an overall shorter style.

Roanni – $95

Blow Dry Style

We need 30 minutes of your time for it!

This service is for when you have a special event or perhaps need your headshot taken for work. You don’t need a cut or cleanup but don’t want to leave your style to yourself. Come in for a relaxing wash and blow-dry style and leave looking great and feeling confident.

Natasha – $30

Roanni – $35

Jenessa – $50

Let’s Camouflage Your Faded Hair Strands with ‘Grey Blending’

We need 45 minutes of your time for it!

We use semi-permanent hair color to help camouflage your grays. This means it will wash out over time and will not leave a harsh grow-out line. This will not provide complete grey coverage; it will only aid in blending in with your current color for a more natural look. We do however love the silver fox look!

If we decide to do grey blending, we will match your color during the consultation and book you for your color service the following week.

Please contact the salon to book.

Natasha – $50

Roanni – $57

Jenessa – $90

Beard Trim

We need 30 minutes of your time for it!

Trim and reshape your current beard. If desired your barber can finish with a straight edge to give you a clean appearance.

Natasha – $40

Roanni – $45

Deluxe Facial Treatment

45 min – $200

60 min – $250

Deluxe Facial Treatment is a personalized treatment for the man who wants it all. It is formulated to the unique needs of men’s skin. This comprehensive, deep cleanse purifies the skin and an energetic drainage firm and contours as the selected products hydrate, soothe and diminish the signs of aging. This facial will reset, refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Help with conditions such as razor burn, ingrown hair, dullness, and sensitivity. Your state of well-being is harmonized with a chakra balancing treatment.

Book an Appointment for a Detailed Hair Consultation

When in doubt if we’re the right fit for you or if you have any questions regarding your haircut or style or you just need some advice, come in for a complimentary consultation.

Keep in mind a consultation is mandatory for color services!

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